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Donate to support our free, volunteer-run site!

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Welcome, Stranger!

Letters to Strangers is a community of individuals working to promote mental wellbeing. Through the process of writing letters to strangers and receiving letters from strangers, we hope members can anonymously explore their vulnerabilities and insights with each other. We believe that we can create heartfelt connections and foster empathy, one letter at a time.

The more letters you write, the more you help expand the Letters To Strangers community. Join today and spread your voice and story!


How It Works

Letters To Strangers has three main functions: facilitating peer education, engaging in policy-based advocacy, and conducting letter-writing exchanges. Traditionally, letters are physically exchanged at our Chapters and Partner Sites. Now, individuals without a nearby chapter or partner site can participate in this brand new "digital Chapter".

After signing up, read our sample letters and letter prompts to get inspiration for your own letter. Then, reflect and carefully craft your words before digitally submitting your letter. Once your letter is approved by a moderator, a stranger will anonymously receive your letter, and you'll digitally receive one written by someone else too!